OCR Computer ScienceWelcome to our resource┬ápage for OCR’s GCSE Computer Science (9-1 spec).

The course consists out of 3 parts: Computer Systems, Computational Thinking and a project (called the NEA). The first two parts count for 40% of the total grade each, with the NEA counting 20% the final grade.

We hope you find some of these resources useful. We aim to eventually publish all the files we use in lessons for students to learn/revise for exams. All files are the properties of their creators – please let us know if you find anything violates copyright or attribution and we’ll remove them immediately.6a00e55315ea908833014e889de4dd970d

For students of this course, we hope you fin the resources useful.
For fellow teachers of this course, please get in contact if you would like to share any resource you’ve created.


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