1.1 Systems architecture

Point Description PDF CGP page Video/Link
1.1.1 The purpose of the CPU 2 Video
1.1.1a Von Neumann architecture: 3
1.1.1b MAR (Memory Address Register) 3
1.1.1c MDR (Memory Data Register) 3
1.1.1d Program Counter 3
1.1.1e Accumulator 3
1.1.2 Common CPU components and their function: 2
1.1.2a ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) 2
1.1.2b CU (Control Unit) 2
1.1.2c Cache 2
1.1.3 The function of the CPU as fetch and execute instructions stored in memory 3
1.1.4 How common characteristics of CPUs affect their performance: 5 Video
1.1.4a clock speed 5
1.1.4b cache size 5
1.1.4c number of cores 5
1.1.5 Embedded systems: 1 Video
1.1.5a purpose of embedded systems 1
1.1.5b examples of embedded sytems 1


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