1.1 Systems architecture

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1.1.1 The purpose of the CPU
1.1.1a Von Neumann architecture
1.1.1b MAR (Memory Address Register)
1.1.1c MDR (Memory Data Register)
1.1.1d Program Counter
1.1.1e Accumulator
1.1.2 Common CPU components and their function:
1.1.2a ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
1.1.2b CU (Control Unit)
1.1.2c Cache
1.1.3 The function of the CPU as fetch and execute instructions stored in memory  1.1.3
1.1.4 How common characteristics of CPUs affect their performance:
1.1.4a clock speed
1.1.4b cache size
1.1.4c number of cores
1.1.5 Embedded systems:
1.1.5a purpose of embedded systems
1.1.5b examples of embedded systems