1.4 Wired and wireless networks

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1.4.1 Types of networks:
1.4.1a LAN (Local Area Network)
1.4.1b WAN (Wide Area Network)
1.4.2 Factors that affect the performance of networks  1.4.2
1.4.3 The different roles of computers in a client-server and a peer-to-peer network  1.4.3
1.4.4 The hardware needed to connect stand-alone computers into a Local Area Network:
1.4.4a wireless access points
1.4.4b routers/switches
1.4.4c NIC (Network Interface Controller/Card)
1.4.4d transmission media
1.4.5 The internet as a worldwide collection of computer networks:
1.4.5a DNS (Domain Name Server)
1.4.5b hosting
1.4.5c the cloud
1.4.6 The concept of virtual networks  1.4.6