1.6 System security

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1.6.1 Forms of attack  1.6.1
1.6.2 Threats posed to networks:
1.6.2a malware
1.6.2b phishing
1.6.2c people as the ‘weak point’ in secure systems (social engineering)
1.6.2d brute force attacks
1.6.2e denial of service attacks
1.6.2f data interception and theft
1.6.2g the concept of SQL injection
1.6.2h poor network policy
1.6.3 Identifying and preventing vulnerabilities:
1.6.3a penetration testing
1.6.3b network forensics
1.6.3c network policies
1.6.3d anti-malware software
1.6.3e firewalls
1.6.3f user access levels
1.6.3g passwords
1.6.3h encryption